Real Hope for You and Your World


Real Hope CoverFind the answer to your needs in Real Hope for You and Your World through the power of prayer and or the exponential power of your subconscious.



Real Hope CoverDiscover the world of “Miracles.”  Learn how prayer brings miracles of health, happiness, and Prosperity.  Read about God healing “incurable” diseases through the power of faith in the Bible.  See the scientific power of reprogramming your subconscious mind to bring cures to “incurable” diseases.  Find the easy steps to gain the answer to your need whether by the Doctor, the power of your body to heal itself, or the prayer of faith.

At age 76, the author was healed of arthritis in both feet.  Out of the wheelchair, the walker, and the cane.  A bicyclist heals his own body after six vertebrae are crushed.  Find out how he returned to work in nine and a half weeks without surgery or any medication.

Between the power of prayer and the subconscious mind, nothing is impossible to you!


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